Friday, August 12, 2005

Hypochlorhydria: Could this be you ?

Disclaimer: this information is not intended to take the place of recommendations by your local qualified health provider, IT JUST MAY CONTRADICT THEM IN EVERY WAY.

One of the most common problems and misdiagnosis I see in my office relates to digestive complaints. I find it a marvel that current medical treatment continues over and over to misdiagnose this condition and often with severe long term consequences to the patients health. I have many patients that list as a problem on their intake form: Gas, bloating, burping, constipation, diarrhea etc. Many of these conditions is corrected with simple adjustment to the acidity level of the upper digestive tract, specifically the stomach. Also as a side note, many of these conditions are also side effects of the multiple prescription drugs patients are prescribed these days.

The current medications that are prescribed: Nexxium, Prilosec, Prevacid and the myriad of over the counter antacid drugs have one thing in common. They are designed to decrease the acid producing ability of the body. When the stomach and upper digestive becomes more alkaline bad things happpen as you can read in the link above. I won't bore you with my rendition.

There appears to be support for the idea that the increase use of antacids and the like, decreases the ability of the immune system to function adequately and may be a cause of the increase in incidence of pneumonia in our elderly population who pop antacids like lemon drops. Another words, an alkaline digestive tract is not good for the immune system.

It is also somewhat common knowledge that stomach acidity drops as we age, hence another vote for the potential or apparent increase in aging of those who are poorly digesting.

If you are looking for suggestions on how to fix your stomach issues here are some:

1. Find someone who will work with you to get off acid decreasing medications and knows something about "whole food nutrition"

2. Start taking a supplement called Zypan (A Standard Process Whole Food Supplement)

3. Make sure that you have adequate B vitamins on board.

4. Find ways to reduce and process emotions of low self esteem (feeling bad about yourself) and over sympathy (feeling sorry for yourself and others) as they are the emotions and emotional patterns that often times affect the stomach meridian.

I have a great article that I would love to fax you that is not online. If you contact me, I will make sure you get it. It is scary in its description of the ultimate path of hypochlorhydria and may sound awefully familiar to you. Maybe you can forward this to a friend or family member who's digestive issues have either offended your nose or your bathroom.

Happy digesting on this wonderful evening and thanks for stopping by.


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