Friday, December 16, 2005


Ah the much debated topic of milk back in the news again. It seems this time that the whole milk dispensers are being held responsible, by the county government, for an ecoli outbreak. What is the untold story here though.

1. None of the families are bringing suit against the raw milk producing farm. Why ? because they know the risks and wanted to have raw milk for their families anyway. So much so that they became part owners of cows that were located on this farm so that they were truly only using the raw milk from their cows for personal consumption. The only agency bringing suit is the county where the farm is located. My question ? Why is the government stepping in where no private individual has ?

2. What is not mentioned is the risk of consuming pasteurized grocery store milk. Every year thousands of cases of ear tube surgeries and antibiotic prescriptions are made when simply removing children from Pasteurized milk would be the solution. Why ? Pasteurized milk is boiled to a level that all enzymes in the milk required to break down the sugars and proteins in the milk are destroyed. Thus the reason we have so many children who can't tolerate this milk and can't really digest it. It creates hypersensitivities which can produce large amounts of mucus and allergic type symptoms. Why aren't the there ever studies that compare the effects of raw milk vs pasteurized milk on the immune system or the digestive system ? Can you say economic interests.

3. No one forced the people who were buying the raw milk to buy and or consume it. To me this is like holding the gun manufacturer liable for the criminal that takes the gun and kills twenty people with it. Preposterous.

Man, after this post and the energy it required, I think I'm going to grab a cookie and a big glass of raw milk from the farm in Conroe, Texas. Happy drinking.


At 5:24 PM, Anonymous vj said...

Getting motivated again to look at our nutrition a bit closer again.
"Raw Milk" - do you use it all the time? Can you tell a difference?
Is Conroe the only place you can find it? I looked in the grocery store today but did not see anything like it. I've not read the entire linked article yet, but will as soon as I have a moment. I remember reading it a while back but have forgotten most of it. I need a refresher.

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