Thursday, September 07, 2006

Studies say Vaginal Birth Better

New study points to the fact that in women who opt to have c section vs a vaginal delivery with no reason outside of preference are exposing newborn to higher death risk. The risk is significantly higher that for vaginal births. Researchers don't exactly seem to know why yet.

The simple answer would be that someone :) designed the female body to house a baby for approximately 10 months in a uterus, at which time for some reason (someone made it that way) the baby decides that it wants to leave this warm home through a canal that seems perfect for this job called the vagina. Why do we always have to mess with the design as it was created. Do we think or presume that we know better how the body should deliver a baby ? If you are an ob/gyn that performs routine C sections in 2006, I guess the answer is yes to that question. Statistics have and will continue to support that statistically there are overall less risks and better outcomes with leaving birth alone and letting the body do what it naturally does. Last I checked for thousands of years women have been bearing children through the vagina not out there abdomen. This is need for c-section is a creation of our modern western medical system for the typical birth.

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At 12:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad you posted on this! A discussion today was "pain". We in America and much of Western Society do not want to experience pain. So, we have babies the c section way to avoid all the horrible pain, we take anti-depressents to avoid all the horrible emotional pain that life can bring. The only problem with that is the "pain" itself is not only part of our human existence but it brings a termendous amount of maturity and growth to us. Numbing oursleves to pain is like becoming a robot who does not experience emotions. I am so glad to be human!!!:-) Great post!!


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