Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Asthma and The Immune System Connection

This article is great. Of course I like it because I have been saying this for years. That children and adults who have asthma/allergies also have immune system problems. More accurately, often times those who have asthma and allergies have them secondary to a primary depression of the immune system caused by repeated antibiotic use and gut destruction in childhood.

Someday this connection will be proven when it is advantageous to the pharmaceutical/medical community to prove it. Until then we will continue to prescribe antibiotics by the truckload all the while watching incidence of immune compromised patients and patients with allergies/asthma continue to rise. Hopefully you will remember this post and when someone wins the Nobel prize for this connection you will say nope, heard it first on Dr. Clouthier's website.



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Dr.Steve, your wives post on Autism: first impression was rude and agressive. We as teachers work very hard to work with each and every child. I hope you all will have a better year.

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