Thursday, October 26, 2006

Self Important Sperm Destroyers Have Been Warned

Okay you and I both know the picture of the self important cell phone talker. This is the person, male or female, that tends to only take calls when others are looking at them, they are in crowded rooms with other self important people, or simply just passing time. The goal is that those around will begin to view this person as being important or heavily sought after because many people are wanting to get a hold on this person's time.

Well for all you male cell phone users, maybe the loss of sperm count will help you to extinguish the need to use your cell phone. A few thoughts below on the issue of electromagnetic cell phone signals and fertility issues.

1. Does using an ear piece and placing the phone (which is actually an antennae) on your belt closer to the family jewels somehow help sperm counts

2. What about EMF's from computers, radios, and electrical towers that run through our neighborhoods ? These are much larger issues than cell phone use.

3. How about users taking responsibility. If you want to destroy sperm counts with your cell phone go for it. At this point we all know that EMF's are not helpful for our health. If someone chooses to continue to use their cell phone that is their personal freedom. Lets let the issue die


At 1:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting comments about people using cell phones because they need to feel important. I guess there are a lot of folks out there that seem to have that wide. EVERYONE is using cell phones these days. Perhaps we all need to work on feeling good about who we are.

Aside from loss of sperm, I wonder what other areas it really seems to have an affect on. A recent article read mentioned primarly the brain. The question arises, how much is too much. How long is it okay to sit behind the computer, to be on the cell phone, etc...?


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