Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cervical Vaccine in the News Again

My previous post on this subject was more about the ridiculousness of the vaccine and Rick Perry's executive order. Today I want to comment on the faulty thinking behind the current storm of new vaccines and medications. Below are my reasons for disagreeing with the new round of both vaccine and pharmaceutical creations.

1. We are subtly or not so subtly being told with each new "one" that we can't handle life in this day and age.
2. The world is inhospitable to us and we need something else to make us whole
3. We need to be medicated from ourselves and our own lives
4. Medications are a normal part of life and should just be accepted
5. Normal conditions such as "social anxiety" need to be medicated or vaccinated away
6. Big pharma believes in some way that they are much wiser and more knowledgeable then the being or power that created the human body
7. We somehow believe that if we have a vaccine or a medication we can live however we want to without consequence, whether it be with how we use our bodies or how we treat them.



At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you've said it all in this post. Playing God brings such a mess.


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