Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Got Fibroids...... Don't Have to Get Surgery

I have many women in my office who are or have dealt with fibroids at one time or another. Many times simple treatment with dietary changes, natural hormones and nutritional and lifestyle changes can make a huge difference and get someone back on the road to healing. It would be really interesting if we could study options that don't require women to have some invasive procedure to their female parts. Like I always say to my female patients ,"If the treatment for prostatitis and erectile dysfunction was to just remove or burn the prostate and the testicles we would have a new procedure within minutes. It seem okay in our society to harvest and cut women's organs with regularity often at the hands of male doctors and some women doctors.

I suggest if you have fibroids that you read John Lee's, MD work on natural progesterone and saliva testing. If you have questions email me and I will help in best way I can. You do have options besides losing body parts that were created in your body for a reason, contrary to popular medical practice of the last 50 years.

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