Monday, December 19, 2005

Antibiotics - What you need to know

The title above is a link to an article about MRSA and how it is becoming more and more resistant to Vancomycin and other antibiotics. The conclusion of the article is that we have a growing emergency need for stronger antibiotics and medications to deal with this pandemic. Below I have a list of things you can do that would actually be helpful instead of figuring out how you can donate your time to help Big Pharma find the next super drug to cure the situation (note: antibiotics weaken the immune system over time and with repeated use anyway).

1. Get 8 hours of sleep a night, go to be by 10pm and drink 2/3's of your body weight in ounces of water perday.

2. Don't take antibiotics unless absolutely (emergency) necessary.

3. Improve/confront or remove stressful friendships and relationships from your life, especially ones where you feel your energy is being "sucked" from you on a regular basis.

4. Start pursuing happiness and peace in your life with dogged determination. Don't give anyone else the responsibility for your emotional state. That is yours and yours alone so take full responsibility for controlling your mood and attitude.

5. Work toward taking 4-6 weeks of vacation per year. Without breaks the body breaks down. You will be more productive with more breaks for rejuvenation and restoration.

Make a commitment in 2006 to take care of yourself so you have something valuable and helpful to give to others.


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