Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blood pressure and upper cervical adjusting

This study looks very promising and is amazing in what it portends for future types of treatment for blood pressure. It is also equally amazing that the medical community is okay with finding that chiropractic adjustment reduced blood pressure more effectively than two blood pressure medications. I would also say that if they studied regular upper cervical adjusting the results would be the same. The upper cervical adjusters don't do anything different than any other upper cervical adjustment. They just focus solely on those levels

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At 6:28 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Doc, I can understand you not wanting to be left out of any windfall from this research. But let's get the facts straight...the upper cervical adjustments in this study were WAY different from what most chiropractors do in the upper cervical spine. As a matter of fact, it is so different that I don't believe you even know what NUCCA is. In this type of upper cervical correction (you see it is not even an adjustment, but rather a correction) each patient receives a tailor-made to them vectored approach to the Atlanto-occipital, atlanto-axial area. This correction is based on 3-dimensional x-rays taken before and immediately after the first correction. In "normal" chiropractic adjustments, the practitioner may or may not have x-rays, and usually just "feels" where the bones have gone and then uses a short-lever, high velocity thrust to move the bones, creating that satisfying audible...the only evidence that anything happened, though we don't know exactly what it was.
No, Dr Steve, the Upper cervical specific correction is NOT just like other upper cervical manipulations and I will be happy to discuss it further if you would like.


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