Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Heartburn drugs necessitate bone building drugs

Ever wonder how new markets for additional pharmaceutical meds develop. I will give you a current example here. The ever burgeoning market for acid reflux and heartburn medications is well known. As these meds are used by more and more people we see ever increasing levels of stomach alkalinity. As the upper digestive tract becomes more alkaline the absorption of calcium and minerals decreases. As we repeat this pattern for years and in multiple millions of people you can then see how in 20-30 years you have a generation of bone softened and osteopenic people. Of course, no pharmaceutical company will be around to be responsible for these millions of people who now are having bone thinning and hip fractures.

What will the solution be. Fosamax. The medication that is developed to deal with the problem that was created by the nexxium, prevacid, protonics etc. This medication was heralded as a brand new day for these bone loss sufferers. Great plan. Be the hero of your own self induced pathology.

I have some other suggestions for digestive problems that won't damage your you body or your future life.

1. Get off all refined carbs
2. Avoid wheat for at least a month
3. Take Zypan and Multizyme by standard process
4. Rid your life of low self esteem

If we can help you with your digestive problems please give us a call

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