Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Whole Food Nutrition

I am writing this post because I have had so many questions recently about why I recommend whole food nutrition. To answer this simply, it is my belief that human organisms were meant to eat food the way it exits the ground or the way it grazes in the wild. It sounds simple but what I am really saying is that someone much greater than us created the foods and animals that are fit for human consumption. This great design was put in place with the basic idea that the human body could be nourished from the land. The only problem that has complicated this idea is the fact that we have demineralized and devitaminized (not sure about that word) our soils so much that without supplementation we are short in some or many basic nutrients.

Fractionated or synthetic vitamins which are sold at your local health food store or grocery store are just that....synthetic. This means that they are not from a food source or more specifically a whole food source. What tends to develop over time are deficiencies of the other cofactors that make up the whole food complex. This begs the question... can a person become cofactor and enzyme/nutrient deficient due to taking fractionated non whole food supplements. I believe they can. Best rules of thumb to follow:

1. Eat as close to the way things grow out of or graze on the ground
2. Eat organically grown and cultivated foods free or hormone and pesticide additives
3. Supplement with Whole food, organically grown and pharmaceutical grade supplements

This is a great start. If we can help you from here please call us, we would love to share more.

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