Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Addiction, is it part of the human condition ?

Why do people reproduce, with regularity, a behavior that is known to have adverse effects on the body and increase the risk of skin cancer? Read more about tanning addiction here.

All addictions do this: rob people of time, money and resources they could spend fulfilling their God-given purpose. One person gets lost in alcohol another in porn another in work another in tanning. If a substance or activity is used chronically, obsessively to avoid your higher purpose, it's an addiction. But it can change!
  1. Acknowledge to yourself and to someone else if at all possible that you have an addiction, so that you are help accountable for your behavior.

    2. Pray and meditate and ask for help from a higher source, a source of help can also be a friend, pastor, counselor or family member if they are not also part of the problem. This should not replace the help from a higher source.

    3. Replace the addictive behavior/urge with a new behavior. For example, if everytime you open the refridgerator you tend to grab a carbohydrate to "stuff yourself or your feelings", replace that habit with a new pattern. Something like this: When I go to the fridge next time, instead of opening the door and looking for a "carb", I am going fill my glass with water from the water dispenser and leave.

I encourage you to give your addiction one more effort using this simple formula. It is worth it to fulfill your true purpose.


At 4:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post! I think addictions are a part of all of our lives one way or another. The key of course is to be able to recognize them and being able to change the flow of it so it does not turn into an ugly beast. Addiction is the by product of filling an empty need. Working with our needs from the inside out is often the best way to deal with them but not always that easy because it requires honesty and a desire to reach greater spiritual maturity. The scriptures teach that "The Kingdom of God is within". With some support and help from a loving friend of sort, we all can make it! Happy growing!!!

At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Author John Ruskan said this:
"Distinguish between the impule to satisfy an addiction and the feeling behind the addition."

"The first step in breaking addiction is to understand how it works. When you know why you act compulsively, you weaken the power of addiction. You must stop yielding to the addictive experience. Process the addictive urge as well as the feeling that you are supressing with the addiction. When you confront feelings related to addiction, you meet your demon head on. Above all, be gentle with yourself and don't judge yourself.

"Self-processing can be the main approach, but other approaches, such as therapy, group support, etc.. are helpful as well."

At 3:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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