Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What are We Teaching Our Children

Yes overall drug use has declined for illegal drugs. That is because we have made legal drugs so readily available that children and teens don't need to hit up the local drug dealer for the illegal drugs, they simply get them from the family drug user, Mom or Dad. No I know that may sound harsh but think about it for a moment. Drug use (the prescription variety which in my opinion is often a legal form of drug abuse) has increased in teens and the youth. Why has it ?

1. Parents are taking more andmore prescription drugs themselves. As if these drugs will make them happy, non-depressed functional humans. They are teaching their children that when we feel bad we take a drug to ease our pain. Is it any wonder legal drug use and alcoholism are on the rise in our younger populations.

2. We are teaching are children that we are not supposed to feel life. It would be better for them to go through life in a state on flat affect and on drugs than it would be to feel our emotions and have to learn how to process them and deal with them.

3. We teach our kids that the answer to their problem is a pill or bottle.


At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to your post here. Could not agree with you more!

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Dr Khelly said...

I have always said the drugging of American is not on the street but promoted by our corporations, government, TV ads and medical offices, for the purpose of $$$$$$

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At 7:13 AM, Anonymous Angel said...

drugs are bad. m'kay!
I stay clear of pills and such. No advil, no midol, no birth conrol, etc.

I know some people that take so many pills and medication, they need a calendar and time sheet to keep up!

I miss you!
Peace Out,
Angel :)

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