Saturday, August 05, 2006

Please question antibiotic prescriptions

There are many reasons not to take routine antibiotics as they are prescribed regularly in the U.S I will list a few below and this article will give you one or two more

1. It gradually creates a spiral of weakening immune system function
2. It disrupts normal gut flora balance where 60-70% of your immune system is located
3. They never allow your immune system to build a full scale immune system reaction to a bacteria or virus so you never fully charge the immune system against that virus or bacteria and you can be susceptible to getting the same one again
4. Imbalances of the digestive tract following antibiotics, if repeated often enough will start to create other metabolic imbalances
5. It will give someone a reason for why your child has ear infections and needs to have tubes placed
6. Increased risk of breast cancer in girls/women that were exposed to high number of doses of antibiotics before the age of five
7. Poor quality of life
8. No effect on viruses which is often what they are prescribed for without even culturing the offending pathogen
9. Etc Etc Etc.

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