Thursday, July 20, 2006

We should expect drug and medical errors

This is truly scary. We should expect to have one drug error per day in a hospital ! Why ?. It is a wonder anyone gets out alive. It is amazing, don't you think, that you hear plastered all over the media the massage therapist, chiropractor or other non medical professional in the last 5 years who has actually done permanent damage to a patient. Meanwhile medication death errors that occur on a regular basis in hospitals and at home are largely ignored and don't even hit the media radar screen. Hum ! Something smells fishy.

Is it any wonder medical doctors are having patients leave their practices in search of friendlier and less damaging climes at an alarming rate. Maybe because this system is not working.


At 4:42 AM, Anonymous vj said...

Steve, I just forwarded this article on. I'm glad you posted this since this is such a huge problem and I'm not sure the public really knows just how much of a problem this is. Thanks!


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