Friday, July 21, 2006

Blood Type Diet

I think as a premade diet program this is one of the best out there. If you are looking for a plan to follow and don't want to have to pay someone to tell you all the foods you should and shouldn't eat this is a good one. Granted, if you follow any diet for any of the blood types you will have good results. These diets are based on the idea of reducing Antigen-antibody type reactions that occur in the body with certain foods. The name of this protein is called a Lectin. When certain Lectins in the blood come into contact with certain food chemicals they create a reaction that causes the bodies immune system to become overactive. The result is impaired digestion, water retention, fat storage and a whole host of other offenses.

I don't agree with everything here and I think there are certain parts of this book that are vague and unsupported the general premise holds promise. Also another site you should look at in conjunction with this one is Elisa/Act testing. I offer this test in my office and it has been really helpful for people in conjunction with dietary changes.


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