Monday, January 15, 2007

Call Me Crazy... but I See It Every Day

If you are wondering why you are prescribed certain meds by your medical professional, you may want to consider this link . Not just because I said it but because of the comments that you will read here from a medical doctor. As I am moving in and out of my treatment rooms I see these reps come in and out of my office building over and over, day after day. Lets just say that the young men and women that walk into my office are jocks (former football players usually) and cheerleaders or very "smart" looking women.

What would be really interesting to find out is how many of these women and men are strippers and underwear models.

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At 7:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know of a girl who has a job as a pharma rep and she gets paid a handsome salary for what she does. I don't know if that is so with all of them. She also is very young, pretty and sexy.


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