Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pancreatic Cancer and Gum Disease... Natural Explanation

This study would seem to show a statistically significant correlation between these two things. I believe that the connection might be stomach acidity. Often times in practice when I see a patient that is suffering from severe gum disease their stomach acidity is very low. This allows increased bacterial growth in the mouth which many natural health practitioners and nutritionists have felt to be the cause of gum and tooth disease.

Now the interesting addition is the correlation with pancreatic cancer. Could it be that this low level of stomach acidity for some people causes the pancreas to become under used. We know that when the "chyme" or the liquid contents that empty the stomach are not acidic enough the pancreas does not get signaled as heavily or at all to release insulin and other pancreatic enzymes. If your having some digestive problems, with this new concerning information, it would be worth considering Zypan and Multizyme from Standard Process. Stop by the office if you need some.


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