Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vitamin D

It appears once again Vitamin D is in the news. It appears once again that the bottom line is we are not getting enough Vitamin D and we are not activating it enough with sunlight. I suggest a whole food source of vitamin D called Cataplex D made by Standard Process Inc. This would be used if you don't have a clinical deficiency. If you have a severe deficiency you may have to start with something else first and then move to Cataplex D.



At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Ted Hutchinson said...

Cataplex D contains a mere 400iu of D3 + 1000iu of vitamin A. Unfortunately Vit A antagonises the absorption of the Vitamin D so they should not be taken in a combined tablet or as Cod Liver oil.

Each 100iu of Vitamin D daily will raise status 1ng or 2.5nmol/l.
Most UK adults (and we are slightly worse than USA/Canadian adults as we live further north and don't get fortified milk) have a status around 50nmol/l so raising that by at most 10nmol/l still leaves them Vitamin D insufficient.
Most UK adults need around 2000iu/daily D3 to raise status above 80nmol/l (and so maximise calcium uptake). To raise status to the level associated with lowest cancer incidence 130nmol/l they would require 4000iu/daily.
You can buy effective strength Vitamin D3 from a firm called
BIO-TECH Pharmacal Inc It's fairly cheap and that way you don't get it mixed with Vitamin A and it is all easily absorbed.


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