Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food

Amazing. A study on a vitamin that shows promise. Of course it is very preliminary and needs years of further study before any conclusions can be drawn. I wonder why it doesn't take years to get medications, with all their nasty side effects, into the pipeline to be released to the general public. After all, either vitamin C has no effect and therefore should not be feared or it really is powerful and could have great effects and should warrant real study because it can replace medications. Big Pharma can't have it both ways like they have for so long.

It is interesting about the intravenous vitamin C forming hydrogen peroxide. I have heard before that some studies suggested that AIDS could be cured with intravenous application of hydrogen peroxide. Hum, interesting.

If I were going to apply high doses of vitamin C I would use a Standard Process whole food supplement called Cataplex C.

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