Monday, July 03, 2006

Day of Rest

As July 4th approaches I have had a longer than usual weekend to reflect on the idea of taking a rest. Almost all religions that I am aware of recommend a day of rest. A time where we turn our hearts and minds toward something greater than our pursuits, lives, and ourselves. This principal of cycles of activity and inactivity is sound throughout our created world.

1. The heart has a contraction and relaxation phase
2. Day and night
3. Creation of six days and then a day of Rest
4. Contraction of a muscle and relaxation of an opposing muscle
5. AC Electrical current or AC standing for alternating current of an on and off cycle
6. Exhalation and inhalation
7. Etc etc etc

Why not take some time this long weekend to think about whether or not your life has these periods of activity and rest and whether they are balanced. Without proper rest cycles we never will reach our true highest potential during our period of activity or work. I think if you shoot for the goal of taking one day out of seven as a day of rest to focus on family and spiritual pursuits and shooting for taking 6 weeks of vacation per year you will see the quality of your life improve. Give it a shot. Trust me, I tried it and it worked.

I have included a link by clicking on this title which can get you started with how to get a better night of rest. Start small but think big.


At 4:35 PM, Anonymous vj said...

The Europeans, I know for sure the Germans don't have a problem at all taking this kind of vacation time. They think all Americans do is work, work, work. And I think, unless you work for yourself, companies do expect a termendous amount of commitment out of their employees and they certainly don't offer 6 weeks of vacation time. We are with a major Oil Comp almost ten yrs now and only get four weeks of vacation. However, I so agree with you...there must be a balance if you want to be able to thrive as a whole person.
Happy 4th of July!


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