Friday, May 05, 2006

Beware of The Deeper Problems

This week brought home to me once again that sometimes the health challenges that patients will list on my new patient intake forms are really just the tip of the iceberg. Case in point below:

Jody* (name changed) came into my office complaining of depression and hormonal imbalance with extreme fatigue and basic inability to cope with life. She was taking 4 different medications including a prescription weight loss drug. All four of these medications had severe and damaging side effects of which some she was experiencing. However, the biggest problem was not to be evident until two days later when she returned to my office. She returned with a lab testing kit in hand wanting a refund for the kit (which was by the way no problem) and stating that she wanted her future appointment cancelled. When my office staff member asked why she stated the following, "My husband doesn't want me doing this an d is not supportive of this."

My first question was what does she mean by this:

1. Is her husband not supportive of her getting well
2. Is her husband not supportive of her spending money on becoming well
3. Does her husband want to have her just continually sedate herself with medication so she can be a docile "good" wife.
4. Etc,etc Etc,

I really wasn't sure what she meant when I had this message relayed to me. What I could tell you was that the biggest health problem in her life right now was not her hormone problems. It was her relationship or lack there of, with someone who wants her to get well and be a functional and happy part of the family and community she is in.

Moral to the story: sometimes our health problems highlight the big "elephant" in the middle of the room that no one has talked about. This could be anything from addiction, to poor relationships, to not taking responsibility for ones self, to expecting others to save us. Next time you list your health problems try to see what event or theme is common to all of them and that might give you a clue to the real health issue that needs to be dealt with first. This also gives your natural health/alternative doctor the opportunity to really help you where it is most needed.

Have a great weekend

Yours in Health

Dr C


At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting and also very typical. So many people really need to be educated about Alternative Healthcare. There still seems to be a mind set with many that he/she just wants your money. Alternative Healthcare also takes time. You have to want to be healed and you have to be willing to be honest. Somehow, it seems to be easier for some folks to just believe what an MD tells you, take the meds he wants you to take and not think for yourself. Thanks for your postings to help educate the public.


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