Saturday, November 11, 2006

Why Not Just Tell The Truth about STD's

I have never understood why the government can't be direct in their ad campaigns about sexually transmitted diseases. We seem to be able to attack the cigarette manufacturers' directly and let them have it in "truth" campaigns. In our STD commercials we simply imply that the good looking innocent young person standing next to you could have gonorrhea or syphilis. It is not like we don't know what behaviors and groups are at high risk for sexually transmitted diseases. I won't state the obvious here. An idea might be that you do your own ad campaign at home. Teach your teens and young people what behaviors generate sexually transmitted diseases and infections and expect them to refrain from these behaviors or suffer the consequence. Seems that we have the emphasis on the wrong syllable once again.


At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Pregnancy Assistant Center shows films on STD's to educate those working with these women. Showing these kinds of films during sex education classes and other community outreach courses would be so helpful to those who have never been exposed to this type of information. These types of films are very graphic but it brings home a very strong message and one will never forget it. Someone has to teach people this, unless, as you said, the parents are willing to talk about this topic with their teens.

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p.s. i like dr. mercola's link here. thanks!


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