Thursday, August 07, 2008

Infertility....let's try a more natural route

After reading this article i might suggest some alternatives. They are as follows:

1. Dietary changes
2. Saliva testing to assess hormonal balance
3. Acupuncture for fertility
4. Neuroemotional technique for emotional issues related to pregnancy and mothering
5. Clinical nutritional approaches that balance the bodies biochemistry

If you need any help in areas that seem to work a little better, let us know.

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At 2:17 AM, Blogger Swami Antar Anveshi said...

First of all, I'm awe struck to see such a like-minded blog (including the choice of colors - not to mention the contents)
One more angle to curing infertility, or for that matter any bodily ailments is 'right breathing'. I've read of a real life story somewhere. Being a doctor yourself, you may be able to throw a bit more light into it.
A lady was in search of a cure for her infertility. Finally reached a yogi (roughly meaning a yoga master here). The yogi prescribed a few breathing exercises when he observed her breathing unconsciously through her mouth. The breathing exercises coupled with a few yoga stretches helped cure her infertility. The yogi's interpretation is that oral breathing caused her throat to cool down, hence leading to poor thyroid. Adjusting that helped the gland to stay healthy... I was amazed at the way one can treat the root cause rather than the syptom. Ever since, I've been searching for alternative therapies and practising it with my bare-minimal knowledge of the medical world or the human physiology.
Glad I visited yours. I come through a reference from Viola Jaynes's spiritualthingsmatter blog.
Have a good life.


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