Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Folic acid otherwise known as Folate

Folate or Folic acid has long been used in higher doses during the first trimester of pregnancy to reduce the incidence of birth defects. What is not talked about is what type of folic acid supplement you use. Many times the standard OB/GYN will recommend a synthetic and fractionated multivitamin which is often times highly unabsorbable. That is why most pregnant Mom's will describe that after being on the prenatal vitamins they start pooping bricks. This is because the synthetic iron in the prenatal vitamin is almost completely unabsorbable and makes the stools hard. This should tell you something about the other nutrients in that same supplement.

I use a prenatal vitamin and a mineral that is produced by Nutri-West. Nutri-west is a leading manufacturer of whole food, pharmaceutical grade, and organic nutrition. It is better than any product I have ever seen for prenatal supplement support. The vitamin and mineral are separate and are chelated for greater absorption. Check out their site or give me an email and we will get you information. Trust me it will be a blessing to your pregnant family and friends.


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do they also have great vitamins for women going into menopause or other hormonal issues?

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