Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Don't let this happen to your children !

Had another experience today that has been oft repeated in my practice. I had a mother bring her two children into the office for treatment. The one child has had severe and chronic ear infections, upper respiratory infections and asthma since the first year of life. The patient is now 6 years old and has had these problems for five of those six years. The one calendar year where the child had good health was when the child did not visit the medical doctor but was under the care of an applied kinesiology chiropractic doctor that used nutritional and homeopathic remedies.

The child was given a surgery during his third year of life that removed the child adenoids and tonsils, and placed ear tubes. Of course this was done on the heals of twelve to fifteen rounds of antibiotics during the first year of life that completely destroyed the child's immune system. While this surgery was heralded by the medical doctor as a smashing success the child has had more severe ear, throat and respiratory problems ever since that surgery. Doesn't sound like much of a success to me. Of course these tissues that were removed are often considered to be "vestigial type organs" that don't have any useful purpose and are left over from developments along the evolutionary trail. The appendix would also be an organ considered as such and is removed regularly during any abdominal surgery (just for good measure).

This scenario of this young six year old boy has been repeated many times during the history of my young patients over the past 10 years. No thought by the medical doctor that whoever created the body may have placed those tissues there for a reason. Why would we think that we as doctors have the right to remove body parts routinely because we just can't seem to see how they are needed.

How about this question ? Does the watch know how to tell the watchmaker how to make itself ? I don't think so. What is amazing too me is how many people are still willing to place ear tubes and cut out tonsils, adenoids and appendix tissue without a thought for other options or how this could damage the body. I surely am glad that I still have my tonsils and adenoids as a first line defense against airborne viruses, bacteria and the like.

If you are having these problems with your children bring them in. I can help and have helped many children get off the antibiotic, ear infection, ear tube surgery, tonsilectomy surgery bandwagon. There are options as parents if you are willing to pursue them.


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The human prepuce is likewise an important part of the human body, provided for all human males by their maker. Is the foreskin a birth defect? If not why advocate for universal severing of the foreskin? Your logic, and science, is inconsistent and faulty. Circumcision is NOT NATURAL, it is unnatural and it is not recommended by the AMA or the AAP.


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