Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Warnings for Anti-depressants

Haven't we seen enough of these lately. How many more warnings can we have before we determine that something is bad for you. While I don't completely agree with Tom Cruise (I do believe there are rare circumstances where antidepressants are needed) I have grave concerns.

My concerns are over the long term damaging effects that these medications will have on a future generation. This is in terms of actual damage to a persons mental and emotional health and physiology. It is also in terms of teaching our children and adults that the route to happiness in their life is to take a pill. We therefore learn that happiness is external to us and is not something we decide or control. Hope this post and article will once again get attention if not for you, for your friends or family.


At 9:02 PM, Anonymous vj said...

A friend of mine has her child on anti-depressants because he has ADHD pretty bad. She currently has him off the stuff because he is being evaluated again. The child is like a totally different human being. Scarry, this stuff turns you into something you're not.


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