Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Laugh at Insurance Companies' Expense

I find this article hilarious. The insurance companies and ostensibly conservative lawmakers are advocating high deductible insurance plans as a way to help us unfortunate self employed or underinsured individuals who are finding that we can't afford insurance coverage that is even reasonable in cost for the service that is rendered.

You will notice that nowhere in their suggestions for remedying this terrible insurance problem, is the idea of reducing insurance premiums. OH NO, that would be too simple and yet so impossible. They will suggest providers take less money for their service and the insured get more and more inadequate insurance plans and bear more of the financial load. My solution to this problem is simple and three words long.

FEE FOR SERVICE. Here is what it solves

1. Insurance companies related to health care suddenly become unnecessary and go out of business because we no longer need a "middle man".
2. This significantly reduces cost of health care and puts the patients and doctors back in touch with each other.
3. It reduces cost of procedures to what the market will bear, so even hospitals become suddenly part of a free market and can't continue to bill exorbitant and unfounded fees.
4. The most successful doctors at helping sick people get well will stay in business and those that suck will get out. Doctors that are great at what they do will still be financially successful and those that are not will find another profession.

Just Steve's "Healthcare Plan for America"

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At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan and it puts the responsibility back on the provider and the patient. It also allows the patient to chose who he/she wants instead of having to go with "who is on my plan". And yes, it would cause some to go out of business...rightfully so and the good ones stay and continue to help people heal.


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