Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Morning After Pill Issues and Not What You Think

Since this is strictly a health forum the title of this post might be confusing for you. You are probably expecting to hear my opinion on the morning after pill. I will not give that here as that is not my point. My point is how crazy we have gotten in our health care system related to economics and what constitutes danger.

There is a bill before congress right now to make bio identical hormones controlled and probably by extension to make a grab at all nutritional supplements. This is brought up every year by strong medical and pharmaceutical lobbyists and summarily gets defeated. Funny; why would the medical/pharma community want to control something they don't even thinks works or believe in. Could it be the $ ? If you say yes, you win the big stuffed animal.

We will freely hand out the morning after pill to all comers at a Planned Parenthood facility with no evaluation or oversight. This is a controlled medication that is strong enough to terminate a pregnancy. Yet, at the same time we seem to be consumed with how dangerous a vitamin or mineral or natural hormone is at the health food store. Something just smells funny. Could it be control of a multi-billion dollar industry ? I will let you decide.

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At 3:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It does not make any sense, does it?


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