Saturday, August 09, 2008

It is time to question any intervention for high cholesterol that is not natural

I will say it once again: Taking ANY cholesterol lowering medication is a risky scheme. How many times is it now that we have seen serious questions arise regarding the effects of cholesterol lowering medications ? This does not include the number of times that these medications have been removed from the pharmaceutical shelves. Then, these same damaging medications that were removed due to public danger, are replaced with a new medication that continues to cause physical damage and potential damage to human beings. I suggest looking at other factors with a very determined eye first:

1. Thyroid balance
2. Liver detoxification
3. Liver and gallbladder dysfunction
4. Diet and Exercise
5. Emotional balance related to anger and resentment

I would start with these things first and progress. I have had many patients in my office that have lowered their cholesterol 30-60 points in 60-90 days using the approach above and nutritional supports in our office. It is possible without pharmaceuticals.

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