Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Folic Acid and Cervical Dysplasia

This post is just a reminder to the women in my audience and practice who read this site. Folic acid especially in a whole food source is significantly important for the health of your cervix. Cervical dysplasia, which estimates say will be given as a diagnosis for an abnormal pap smear to at least 70% of women during their lifetime, is once again making the news. The problem with how it's making the news is that the recommendation on how to deal with cervical dysplasia gets more and more invasive and aggressive with each passing year.

The medical community will often give you the choice of a LEP procedure, a biopsy of some sort or if you're an older adult woman, a hysterectomy. Hold the phone. If you are a woman who practices sound sexual protection, is monogamous or close to it and uses good hygiene then the first line of defense is very high doses of folic acid and a repeat pap smear after 60-90 days.

Women should not fall into the fear mongering tactics that are used to rush you to some type of invasive procedure. Do your own research or read the article that is linked to the title of this post. Just click on it and you will be glad you researched another option for your approach to cervical dysplasia. There are also other natural nutritional and herbal supports that will improve immune system to keep HPV at bay or even eradicate it.

Ladies, give your cervix a break and look at natural alternatives to invasive procedures and surgeries. As I have said to my female patients before. If removal of testicles and prostate's was the treatment of choice for prostatitis, male ob/gyn's would find another solution. Hope you got that one :)


At 6:19 PM, Blogger Addy N. said...

Hi there:
This comment is not related specifically to this post, but I wanted to say hello. I recently started seeing an MD who practices alternative medicine. I also have a blog about my attempts to understand my migraines. I am considering TBM for food and other allergies and wondered if you have any posts on your own experiences with it. If not, maybe you can talk more about it in the near future?


At 12:01 PM, Blogger Dr. Melissa said...

You can reach Dr. Clouthier's office at 281-419-9104. TBM is a great treatment protocol. Have you considered Neuroemotional Technique? There is an allergy desensitation portion of NET that is very helpful if allergies are the cause. You may also contact Dr. Clouthier at for a personal conversation.

At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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