Thursday, October 13, 2005


NOTE: I am not recommending for or against immunizations. I have my personal opinions but each person must make there own decision. Educate yourself completely.

In the article above we are told as adults that we must all consider getting the Whooping cough vaccine because we now understand that it does not last our whole lives. Interesting did we just find this out or do we want to increase pharmaceutical sales of the vaccine. When did we come upon this information that we needed repeat pertussis vaccinations.

Where is the beef ? Remember those age old commercials for Wendy's burgers that asked the question. My question is the same for this article. Where is the beef ? Where are the statistics to back up the assertion that the pertussis vaccine has reduced rates of the disease. Surely if they were available you would think they would have been quoted here.

I remember an article that was written in the 80's in Washington DC about a large pertussis outbreak in the school system. What was interesting about this outbreak was that the incidence of the disease in the highly immunized inner city school population was higher than for a population that had a lower immunization rate. HUM ? Things that make you go hum?

Make sure and educate yourself about all aspects of immunization, not just the aspects we see so often touted by profit driven big pharma and medical clinics and health agencies.