Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What are We Teaching Our Children

Yes overall drug use has declined for illegal drugs. That is because we have made legal drugs so readily available that children and teens don't need to hit up the local drug dealer for the illegal drugs, they simply get them from the family drug user, Mom or Dad. No I know that may sound harsh but think about it for a moment. Drug use (the prescription variety which in my opinion is often a legal form of drug abuse) has increased in teens and the youth. Why has it ?

1. Parents are taking more andmore prescription drugs themselves. As if these drugs will make them happy, non-depressed functional humans. They are teaching their children that when we feel bad we take a drug to ease our pain. Is it any wonder legal drug use and alcoholism are on the rise in our younger populations.

2. We are teaching are children that we are not supposed to feel life. It would be better for them to go through life in a state on flat affect and on drugs than it would be to feel our emotions and have to learn how to process them and deal with them.

3. We teach our kids that the answer to their problem is a pill or bottle.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Antibiotics - What you need to know

The title above is a link to an article about MRSA and how it is becoming more and more resistant to Vancomycin and other antibiotics. The conclusion of the article is that we have a growing emergency need for stronger antibiotics and medications to deal with this pandemic. Below I have a list of things you can do that would actually be helpful instead of figuring out how you can donate your time to help Big Pharma find the next super drug to cure the situation (note: antibiotics weaken the immune system over time and with repeated use anyway).

1. Get 8 hours of sleep a night, go to be by 10pm and drink 2/3's of your body weight in ounces of water perday.

2. Don't take antibiotics unless absolutely (emergency) necessary.

3. Improve/confront or remove stressful friendships and relationships from your life, especially ones where you feel your energy is being "sucked" from you on a regular basis.

4. Start pursuing happiness and peace in your life with dogged determination. Don't give anyone else the responsibility for your emotional state. That is yours and yours alone so take full responsibility for controlling your mood and attitude.

5. Work toward taking 4-6 weeks of vacation per year. Without breaks the body breaks down. You will be more productive with more breaks for rejuvenation and restoration.

Make a commitment in 2006 to take care of yourself so you have something valuable and helpful to give to others.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Ah the much debated topic of milk back in the news again. It seems this time that the whole milk dispensers are being held responsible, by the county government, for an ecoli outbreak. What is the untold story here though.

1. None of the families are bringing suit against the raw milk producing farm. Why ? because they know the risks and wanted to have raw milk for their families anyway. So much so that they became part owners of cows that were located on this farm so that they were truly only using the raw milk from their cows for personal consumption. The only agency bringing suit is the county where the farm is located. My question ? Why is the government stepping in where no private individual has ?

2. What is not mentioned is the risk of consuming pasteurized grocery store milk. Every year thousands of cases of ear tube surgeries and antibiotic prescriptions are made when simply removing children from Pasteurized milk would be the solution. Why ? Pasteurized milk is boiled to a level that all enzymes in the milk required to break down the sugars and proteins in the milk are destroyed. Thus the reason we have so many children who can't tolerate this milk and can't really digest it. It creates hypersensitivities which can produce large amounts of mucus and allergic type symptoms. Why aren't the there ever studies that compare the effects of raw milk vs pasteurized milk on the immune system or the digestive system ? Can you say economic interests.

3. No one forced the people who were buying the raw milk to buy and or consume it. To me this is like holding the gun manufacturer liable for the criminal that takes the gun and kills twenty people with it. Preposterous.

Man, after this post and the energy it required, I think I'm going to grab a cookie and a big glass of raw milk from the farm in Conroe, Texas. Happy drinking.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Energetic Medicine - Barbara Eden

EdI have been reading this book and have found it a very complete and yet simply understood book. The author, Donna Eden seems to have a knack for making things simple, which can be hard to find in the natural health community. I think you will find it helpful in your quest to improve your health and move past the limitations of our current health care system. This book combines applied kinesiology, chakra balancing, meridian treatments etc into a useful manual for self healing. Give it a look. For twelve bucks of so you can't really go wrong.

Check out Dr. Melissa's blog. She got picked up by Instapundit today. That's big news in the blogging world.

Friday, December 02, 2005


I am sorry that I have been away for sooo long. I have been trying to get myself refocused in many areas of my life. I hope that I will still have some readership here upon my return. I decided that I would change the direction of my blog somewhat. While I will continue to have it be health topic related, I will occassionally, share particularly amazing story from my practice. These will be shared anonymously of course to protect all real people from harm. The following examples I use are from recent weeks and highlight the human spirit.

I have two people in my practice who have recently dealt with some severe health challenges. Both involving cancers. Both these people have lost partial function of there bodies and or senses. In each case the patients have after the initial shock and emotion, picked themselves up and go back to living. They have chosen to be happy inspite of life's setback to them. I have often wondered after having the honor of working on and with these people what I have to complain about.

I would ask you to do the same. If you are suffering, look around you. There are those who have it far worse. Sometimes that is the only thing we can do to get us out of a "woe as me funk". We really do have abundant blessings even in the worst of times. Have a great weekend.