Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hysteria with No Substance ... READ ON

Have you ever noticed how papers will print a story that makes outlandish claims that will get individuals attention with little or no factual support. Then women, in this case above, will read this article and will think that there is extreme risk of having an vaginal birth. Mind you, women have been having vaginal births for thousands of years and creating so called "brain hemorrhages" for millions of children over thousands of years.

Another thing that ticks me off is that these stupid, idiotic studies performed in the hallowed halls of medicine often always seem to find in favor of an intervention that benefits current medical practice. Crazy, biased, worthless, hysteria producing studies. Thanks for the help University of North Carolina School of Medicine

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Your Relationship Affects Your Developing Baby

If you read this link above you will look at the time during pregnancy in a whole new light. It seems that once again we are pointed to the emotional/mental aspect of health. We can't get away from it. If you are living in a relationship with a partner who is angry or violent IT IS AFFECTING YOUR UNBORN CHILD. I think we should apply this idea to other areas of our lives. What if we thought more about how the emotional situations that are present in our lives are affecting us chemically and metabolically.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Got Fibroids...... Don't Have to Get Surgery

I have many women in my office who are or have dealt with fibroids at one time or another. Many times simple treatment with dietary changes, natural hormones and nutritional and lifestyle changes can make a huge difference and get someone back on the road to healing. It would be really interesting if we could study options that don't require women to have some invasive procedure to their female parts. Like I always say to my female patients ,"If the treatment for prostatitis and erectile dysfunction was to just remove or burn the prostate and the testicles we would have a new procedure within minutes. It seem okay in our society to harvest and cut women's organs with regularity often at the hands of male doctors and some women doctors.

I suggest if you have fibroids that you read John Lee's, MD work on natural progesterone and saliva testing. If you have questions email me and I will help in best way I can. You do have options besides losing body parts that were created in your body for a reason, contrary to popular medical practice of the last 50 years.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Over 50, Depression Meds, Don't Break a Leg

If you are over 50 years old and you are taking SSRI's for depression watch your bones. New study here reports and doubling of risk of fracture from minimal trauma injury. If your a female this should be particularly concerning because this is also the time when your hormone levels can most heavily affect maintenance of bone density (or not).

Another reason to seek out healthy and natural alternatives.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Don't Say a Chiropractor Never Did You Any Good

This article is written about a chiropractor in the military who was giving a helping hand or two to his comrades by adjusting them. It does the heart proud to think that these military boys valued the adjustments so much that they actually built him a table to do his work. Great news for the boys in the military, that they have access to such care.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Cervical Cancer Vaccine yes, Moral Education No

I found this article on the cervical cancer vaccine very interesting. The recommendation is that we give our 11 year old girls this vaccine to prevent cervical cancer caused by the human papilloma virus.

How about another suggestion.

1. High doses of Folic Acid
2. Educating our young girls about how they contract HPV. Most commonly unprotected sexual relationships with multiple partners.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ear Tubes Not Necessary... Try The Wait and See Approach

Doctors today reported that ear tubes do not seem to relieve much of the fluid/ear infection problems in the middle ear and a wait and see approach is much more logical and realistic. This will seemingly put some ENT's out of business who regularly make this type of procedure the hallmark of their practice.

If your child is having ear infection recurrence, I would suggest looking at food allergies, removing the child from dairy and gluten products and improving immune system function with concentrated pharmaceutical grade whole food supplements

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pancreatic Cancer and Gum Disease... Natural Explanation

This study would seem to show a statistically significant correlation between these two things. I believe that the connection might be stomach acidity. Often times in practice when I see a patient that is suffering from severe gum disease their stomach acidity is very low. This allows increased bacterial growth in the mouth which many natural health practitioners and nutritionists have felt to be the cause of gum and tooth disease.

Now the interesting addition is the correlation with pancreatic cancer. Could it be that this low level of stomach acidity for some people causes the pancreas to become under used. We know that when the "chyme" or the liquid contents that empty the stomach are not acidic enough the pancreas does not get signaled as heavily or at all to release insulin and other pancreatic enzymes. If your having some digestive problems, with this new concerning information, it would be worth considering Zypan and Multizyme from Standard Process. Stop by the office if you need some.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Statins and Parkinsons

New research is once again looking at the link between Statin medications and the incidence of Parkinson's disease. Heart patients and others might want to consider some natural approaches to cholesterol/arteriosclerosis and other heart related conditions. It appears that this is more news calling into question statins and their side effects.

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Call Me Crazy... but I See It Every Day

If you are wondering why you are prescribed certain meds by your medical professional, you may want to consider this link . Not just because I said it but because of the comments that you will read here from a medical doctor. As I am moving in and out of my treatment rooms I see these reps come in and out of my office building over and over, day after day. Lets just say that the young men and women that walk into my office are jocks (former football players usually) and cheerleaders or very "smart" looking women.

What would be really interesting to find out is how many of these women and men are strippers and underwear models.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Negative News on Soy

I have long felt that all the soy and protein replacement uses of it will have a damaging effect on women and men. This article shows some of the great concerns I have. Now you can't say that I never agree with the mainstream medical and health media. In my opinion soy products should only be used, if they are used at all, by women who are premenopausal and having estrogen deficient symptoms. Otherwise feminizing our your boys and girls and adult men is probably not a great idea. I personally don't want to see more feminization than we are already have with young school age boys. The current appearances and body shapes are alarming enough.

Remember NONE of what is written above is intended to diagnose or treat any disease etcs etcs etc. Contact your health care provider who may or may not know what you are even talking about

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Shrinking Winky

Just a post for you men who may be thinking the only option you have for prostate treatment is hormone therapy and radiation. This subject is somewhat near and dear to my anatomy being a male. If you want to maintain the same "manliness" in the future, this current medical treatment may not be the best way to go. Take a read you will find it frightening.

You may want to consider other approaches using nutrition, herbs and natural hormones. Let me know if you are in this situation and I will give you some suggestions.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

FDA Catching up with Times

The FDA finally after laboring for months, years even eons has decided to allow that claim that calcium and vitamin d might help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. I wonder why the same labor intensive delays are not given to the thousands of medications that have severe side effects and cause any number of health complaints. Can you say bias. I can


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mediterranean Diet Healthiest For Your Brain

Hold the presses! Amazing news! can it be true? I heard on the news today that yet another study, published in a neurological journal in October 2006. shows that the Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest diet. And that the Mediterranean Diet is particularly healthy for your brain.

Get the book the Low Fat Lies so you will understand why the current medical approach of destroying all consumption of good fat is making everything worse.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So Many Conditions So Little Time

This article is great because it describes a serious problem in the medical community currently. The problem is two fold.

1. Everything that happens in the human condition is now being diagnosed as a condition.
For example; When I eat spicy food doctor, my stomach burns and aches for hours and I poop out all the stuff i just ate in minutes. No diagnosis is needed here. Stop eating raw jalapenos, hunan peppers and Tabasco sauce.

2. For every new diagnosis we are given, we need another medication to save us from ourselves. What is happening now is that we are medicating ourselves for just living normal life. Sad but true.

Anyway read this article and enjoy