Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cervical Cancer and HPV

What is interesting in this article and the related statistics is that nowhere does it mention what portion of the 25 percent of women that have the HPV virus actually developed cervical cancer. There is just this loose supposition that some of these HPV cases "could" develop into cervical cancer. How about some statistics on what percentage actually do before we legislate vaccinating nine year old girls with a powerful pharmaceutical. Remember HPV also causes plantar warts and numerous cases of non cancerous and benign cervical dysplasia.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

ADHD and The Pharmaceutical Damage

When you get a chance read this article. It gives me great concern that I see so many young people on these medications that have such severe side effects. Many times these medications are being encouraged or pushed by teachers and/or school counselors with no medical training. I am very concerned for the future generation that grows up being told that they need to be medicated to handle their own lives.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Estrogens cause gynecomastia in young boys

This article talks about certain oils including Lavender that cause gynecomastia and other female physical characteristics in young boys. Once you read this if you think it makes sense you might want to do a search on heavy use of bleach products, soy foods, and high carbohydrate diets. These all function somewhat like estrogens. When you start to think about things in this way it is no wonder we have elementary school age boys that seem to have breasts and extra fat padding where they shouldn't.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cervical Vaccine in the News Again

My previous post on this subject was more about the ridiculousness of the vaccine and Rick Perry's executive order. Today I want to comment on the faulty thinking behind the current storm of new vaccines and medications. Below are my reasons for disagreeing with the new round of both vaccine and pharmaceutical creations.

1. We are subtly or not so subtly being told with each new "one" that we can't handle life in this day and age.
2. The world is inhospitable to us and we need something else to make us whole
3. We need to be medicated from ourselves and our own lives
4. Medications are a normal part of life and should just be accepted
5. Normal conditions such as "social anxiety" need to be medicated or vaccinated away
6. Big pharma believes in some way that they are much wiser and more knowledgeable then the being or power that created the human body
7. We somehow believe that if we have a vaccine or a medication we can live however we want to without consequence, whether it be with how we use our bodies or how we treat them.


Friday, February 16, 2007

FDA Warned of Future Problems

In this article the FDA was once again warned about the problem and they still seem to be above the law. How many warnings are enough before Big Pharma is actually held liable, or the medical professionals who prescribe. It seems there are many that think that the risks to the american public are severe. Here is hoping you are seeing a pattern to what happens.

1. New Drug released before being fully studied or tested
2. FDA states need for public to have access to new "wonder drug"
3. People are severely and adversely affected or killed by medication
4. Pharmaceutical companies and FDA both point the finger at each other and no one takes blame
5. Untold hundreds and thousands of people unwittingly damage there lives at the hands of the medical/pharmaceutical profession. That doesn't mean that this doesn't happen in the alternative health world. It does. But the thousands of people who are adversely affected in mainstream medicine get ignored, while the one person who has an adverse affect from an herb is plastered all over the papers and tv's. Interesting how this all works. Just follow the money.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Parents, if you want an upwardly mobile kid read on

I thought you might want to see a study that won't probably show up on TV or in a major print paper. Breastfeeding actually may be correlated with something positive. Share this with friends and family who may not get to see this link, especially stay at home Moms who are choosing to serve their family and society in this way. Notice there is not comment or judgment about anyone who makes any other choice for their family. Each person has to choose individually what is best for them and their family.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Disturbing Pharmaceutical Risks

Click on this link to watch this segment on Bayers Aids Tainted Medications that were released into the marketplace. Scary. I believe those who are choosing natural health and wellness will continue to see improved health while others will see health decline.


Good Case for Us Men Getting to Work

Well guys, this post is for you. Many of you have probably noticed that your spouse or girlfriend seems strangely attracted to you when you do house work or yard work. Now you can understand why. It seems your sweat is a turn on to the opposite sex. I guess this is a vote for hard work. The harder the work, the luckier you might get. Just something to keep in mind when you are complaining about the lack of romance in your life.

Also, might be a good reason to have your hormones checked to make sure that they are balanced. I recommend saliva hormone testing. Its not too late to change the balance.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Don't want HPV Vaccine Don't Worry

This mandatory vaccine executive order is the most ridiculous thing i have seen in some time. Governor Perry appears to have stepped over a line here. I know he is concerned about our young girls but c'mon. Governor Perry has ties to the Merck pharmaceutical company that manufactures the vaccine and has taken political donations from the same. This executive order smells fishy to say the least.

Secondly, what about a massive education and abstinence program for the young girls that teaches them how HPV is most likely contracted, namely multiple sexual partners and unprotected sex. Pretty soon we will be trying to vaccinate ourselves from poor business decisions or other moral decisions. We are getting to a seemingly ridiculous stage in our country where it seems we believe we can do whatever we would like with our bodies and then just vaccinate against the results. Think Type II Diabetes etc.

Don't worry parents out there that don't vaccinate. As always there will be exemptions to this kind of coercive medicine.

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