Saturday, December 23, 2006

Acknowledging the Emotional Part of Low Back Pain

This article is great. We now have some in the medical community starting to comment on the fact that low back pain and dysfunction can be partly stress/psychological/emotional. I think this is a good start. Of course they like to try to make it an either or type of thing. It is multifactorial as is our physiology. After you read this article go look at this web site This is the technique that I use to treat the emotional component of body pain or physiologic dysfunction

I will not be posting until January 1st. I am taking a break from the computer and doing some year end evaluation and planning during the next week.

Have A Great Holiday Season With Friends and Family

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Get in the Sun to Heal Your MS

We have always known that the incidence of Multiple Sclerosis is higher per capita the further you move away from the equator. There was some assumption that it was due to the decreased regular sunshine as you move further northward. Now we are seeing that the real link appears to be Vitamin D concentrations. This would warrant further study since our current population seems to be the heaviest sunblock slatherers to date. Hope this proves helpful during the winter months.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Another Pharmaceutical... Zyprexa Gone Bad

I will let the article speak for itself. This is just another in a spate of recent headlines showing the damaging effects of drugs. Once again I say, just say no !!!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Laugh at Insurance Companies' Expense

I find this article hilarious. The insurance companies and ostensibly conservative lawmakers are advocating high deductible insurance plans as a way to help us unfortunate self employed or underinsured individuals who are finding that we can't afford insurance coverage that is even reasonable in cost for the service that is rendered.

You will notice that nowhere in their suggestions for remedying this terrible insurance problem, is the idea of reducing insurance premiums. OH NO, that would be too simple and yet so impossible. They will suggest providers take less money for their service and the insured get more and more inadequate insurance plans and bear more of the financial load. My solution to this problem is simple and three words long.

FEE FOR SERVICE. Here is what it solves

1. Insurance companies related to health care suddenly become unnecessary and go out of business because we no longer need a "middle man".
2. This significantly reduces cost of health care and puts the patients and doctors back in touch with each other.
3. It reduces cost of procedures to what the market will bear, so even hospitals become suddenly part of a free market and can't continue to bill exorbitant and unfounded fees.
4. The most successful doctors at helping sick people get well will stay in business and those that suck will get out. Doctors that are great at what they do will still be financially successful and those that are not will find another profession.

Just Steve's "Healthcare Plan for America"

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Exercise and Its Effects on Cancer

Well, it appears if you want to pass from this life via cancer, you have a better chance if you move to Australia. Of course that is not the purpose of this post. The point is to direct you to the research that is accumulating correlating sedentary lifestyle with cancer. As we become more locked to chairs, desks and couches it appears that we should only expect to have increasing rates of cancers of all types.

Another warning shot across the bow. Start exercising now so that you will not have to be boosting the survival rate statistics with your personal exercise later.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Morning After Pill Issues and Not What You Think

Since this is strictly a health forum the title of this post might be confusing for you. You are probably expecting to hear my opinion on the morning after pill. I will not give that here as that is not my point. My point is how crazy we have gotten in our health care system related to economics and what constitutes danger.

There is a bill before congress right now to make bio identical hormones controlled and probably by extension to make a grab at all nutritional supplements. This is brought up every year by strong medical and pharmaceutical lobbyists and summarily gets defeated. Funny; why would the medical/pharma community want to control something they don't even thinks works or believe in. Could it be the $ ? If you say yes, you win the big stuffed animal.

We will freely hand out the morning after pill to all comers at a Planned Parenthood facility with no evaluation or oversight. This is a controlled medication that is strong enough to terminate a pregnancy. Yet, at the same time we seem to be consumed with how dangerous a vitamin or mineral or natural hormone is at the health food store. Something just smells funny. Could it be control of a multi-billion dollar industry ? I will let you decide.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Diabetes Cure Can be Much Simpler Than Another Pharmaceutical

Another condition another medication with another promise. Please check the current issue of men's health and the article on completely reversing and curing type II diabetes. It works and it always has and the President of the ADA has no good reason why it shouldn't be the treatment of choice.

See This LINK