Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chemotherapy and Brain and Neuro Cell Damage

We already know that chemotherapy does nothing to cure cancer but at best prolongs life. You can see a previous post on my blog about this. Now we are seeing that chemotherapy damages brain cells and neurons. You would think we would start heavily investigating non pharmaceutical approaches to healing cancer since the current paradigm is not working. Is it possible that the economics of this change would be too damaging to the Big Pharma/medical profession links. Me thinks so.

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I am a prophet about Male Contraceptive Pill

My wife sometimes disagrees with me about my posts. I told her the text of my blog on male contraceptive and she said that she strongly disagreed. I sight this LINK as proof of my correctness.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Red Wine Does The Heart Good

Alright, you can uncork the bottle again. It looks like red wine is good for us again. Its hard to know if I should drink or not drink. I have started and stopped so many times because of research. I have decided this time I am going to pick my red wine and stick with it regardless of what researchers say. This study makes sense to me and Mediterranean decent individuals have been drinking for years and living a long time. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it the best heart protecting red wines appear to be in the south of France.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Want To Curb Addiction.... Ask Your Chiropractor For Help

Latest research study shows that Chiropractic treatment during addiction rehabilitation treatment helped 100 percent of participants in study complete their rehabilitation and with lower levels of depression and pain. Extremely interesting study that gets at the science of how spinal manipulation positively affects the bodies chemical and physiological system.
This article and the study are worth reading and applying.

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Men Can Now Be Responsible for Reproductive Health.... Never Happen

I believe in theory this is a good idea. For too many years women have primarily been the sole individuals in sexual relationships that have carried the burden of "protection". This is not to say some men don't feel it is also their duty or responsibility to be concerned. It historically has been an area that women have been more responsible for, since they carry the resulting pregnancy. Now men can be responsible too. Do I think this new sperm killing medication will take hold. Well yes and no.

Yes, because men can then never be shackled with an unwanted pregnancy and a women that wants to gold dig their money

No, because men don't want to have to damage their bodies with the side effects that temporary sterility medications create.

I may be proved wrong but this is my initial thought. I'd be interested to hear what your thoughts are.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Statins Don't Show Benefit

Statins have proven to not be all they are cracked up to be. Read the article linked to here. You will start to wonder if they are really worth it. Not to mention, if you then go and look at the many side effects you will see there is almost no value. When you add it all up it seems better to me to try alternative approaches that might leave you with results and no damage. just a thought.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

1,000 Thank You's

Just finished reading a book by Carol Tuttle called "Remembering Wholeness". One tradition that she recommends in her book that her family practices is a thankfulness journey. Every year from Thanksgiving until the list is done they place a notebook out in the house in a central area. Each person in the family adds things they are thankful for as they think of them until the list reaches a thousand. She stated in her book that this takes a week to ten days.

We have started this up in our family. She states that being thankful is one of the highest energy activities you can put out in the world. I agree and the principles of the law of attraction are great too.

Folic Acid is Great

I t looks like folic acid is helpful in reducing incidence of heart attack and stroke. It may or may not be related to homocysteine levels which is the latest area of focus for study. Probably because there is a pharmaceutical medication that is in the "pipeline" for reducing homocysteine levels. Just a guess but I have seen it before.

Folic Acid is a great to have as a regular part of your wellness nutritional protocol and especially if you are a first trimester pregnant mom or have a family history of cardiovascular disease or accidents and stroke.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Exercise Improves Anyones Sleep

This article discusses the fact that exercise improves the sleep quality of overweight people. This principle applies to all people however, not just the obese or overweight. Also, this is helpful information to give to your snoring or sleep apnic friend. I have seen in my practice with increased exercise, decrease of adrenal fatigue and better digestive function we often see patients with supposedly incurable sleep apnea improve. Worth giving a shot before you have to live with nasal prongs shoved up your nostrils for every night of the year for the rest of your life.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Truth About Antibiotics is Published

I will take a qoute from this article

"there is no evidence in the current literature to support the use of antibiotics for the treatment of Short term or (acute bronchitis) as almost all the causes of such infections are viral"

Print this and share it with your friends who are popping antibiotics like candies. It will save us all in the long run.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Fountain of Youth is Found


If you want to have a long, healthy life you can no longer say that you don't have the keys to success. This study gives you the top nine things that seem to correlate with quality of life and health into old age. Hopefully these things describe most of you or you are in the process of working towards achieving them

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Give Kids the Gift of Time

Such is the title of Howie Long's articles in the October 16, 2006 sports illustrated. As I read this piece it struck me how right Howie is. Howie writes," That's where parents come in. To me, being a parent is a 24 hour seven day a week job. You have to view it that way. You have to make time, particularly when your kids want you to, and if not, take time later to go over the day's events.... In fact I think you have to communicate the same messages over and over again. Then kids reach a point when they get it and have an understanding. At some point they are going to be making decisions on their own"

The article is short but great, i think you can get it at

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Why Not Just Tell The Truth about STD's

I have never understood why the government can't be direct in their ad campaigns about sexually transmitted diseases. We seem to be able to attack the cigarette manufacturers' directly and let them have it in "truth" campaigns. In our STD commercials we simply imply that the good looking innocent young person standing next to you could have gonorrhea or syphilis. It is not like we don't know what behaviors and groups are at high risk for sexually transmitted diseases. I won't state the obvious here. An idea might be that you do your own ad campaign at home. Teach your teens and young people what behaviors generate sexually transmitted diseases and infections and expect them to refrain from these behaviors or suffer the consequence. Seems that we have the emphasis on the wrong syllable once again.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Give the little fellers a hand

If you have ever been up in the night with a infant, child or teenager who can't seem to sleep there is at last some advice. Give them a hand. Massage of children seems to increase their ability to sleep. Instead of doing the fake eye closing things next time to try and get them to close their eyes try giving the legs, back or neck a nice rub. You just might have a nice surprise when the child drifts off to sleep.