Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Expression vs. Suppression

I was recently listening to a tape from a homeopath conference. The speaker who was a very accomplished homeopathist was discussing the theory of homeopathy and why it has been successful for so many years. Homeopathy is a technique that works on the "Law of Similars".

As a practitioner that uses homepathic remedies I am concerned with the expression of health rather than the suppression of symptoms. The medical approach is to suppress symptoms with medications that often times have severe side effects to the human organism. It is my belief that to express health, we have to remove the burdens that the body is carrying around with it on a daily basis. These burdens may be chemical/nutritional, emotional or structural. Therefore a holistic approach that focuses on all three of these parts of health is a more complete way of assessing and treating the body.

If you have not considered it, why not consider the idea of starting to work towards expressing full function and health of your body rather than suppressing symptoms that are occurring in your body that could be trying to tell you what is going on.

Have a great day